the chairman of the board issued a New Year message


An Qi,the chairman of the board issued a New Year message

2017 New Year's Day, it is worth commemorating the sailing, the recall is also clearly remember the moment into the 2016 365 days of growth experience. 9117 on the commitment to start the five major gambling commitment to start the layout of the five plate strategy plan to start the operation of the six plates, six enterprises Union Spring Festival evening, Mayor of Xinxiang City, the Secretary of the Division I to guide us, sailing the fourth sector 23 km team marathon, Congratulated his alma mater for the undergraduate renamed the Henan Institute of Technology to participate in the opening ceremony, received Xinxiang City letter of recommendation and Xinxiang City more than forty outstanding enterprises to the North Polytechnic seven days closed capital study, the company successfully in Iran exhibition international oil exhibition, 527 company headquarters office moved to Li Feierte office building six layer 7200 square put into use, July 9 Xinxiang rare epic storms swept the city also washed our soul, August 1 company to participate in CCTV three sets of "refueling (The stock referred to as: Xinxiang filter, stock code: 837,936), the smooth convening of the National (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), Supplier Conference and National Shareholders Conference, Sydney, Melbourne, Persia Construction Office, Shaolin Temple to participate in the second brother of the "religious wisdom", successfully held the fourth 53 km National Fitness trekking, full-year goal to complete the last day of the sprint So that the team's small partners in the self-growth path has undergone a transformation, through the comrades of the struggle and companionship, I firmly believe that we must harvest full!

In the reform and opening up under the impetus of China's economic growth is 35 years, to my people bring rich material foundation and abundant wealth, but in exchange for a serious out of control air pollution, breed our rivers and lakes pollution, product food is no longer Security, we have to survive the earth environment has become surrounded by devastation of the bad situation, there is no childhood flowers, not the sun and the moon looking at the stars, and even our fantasy moon Chang is also slowly disappearing in our vision , This time we can for the next generation of heritage that what? We are thinking, we are in repentance, we should call on the global human beings and even the common life of all things to care for our homes our planet, since August 18, 2016 Liffelt listed that day sail, also doomed this group of people Mission, since it is focused on the fluid environmental protection industry, then we have the responsibility to control environmental pollution, when the sacred sense of day by day to strengthen the moment from our top-level design has been imprinted into the depths of each individual soul, our Product direction and mission set: focus on air haze governance, rivers and lakes water pollution control, water purification and desalination treatment, blood plasma filtration, and other four areas. For our survival of the Earth's environment escort, this is our Li Feierte the "soul", a higher pursuit of the universe to protect the environment-LEFILTER super "white" spokesperson!

If 2012 was called the "financial resources into the", 2013 the "money rolling", 2014  "meteoric rise", 2015 the "family line", 2016 is the "meteoric rise" 2017 is destined to "fame." Life is the most beautiful time to compose the most beautiful music of life, then use our most precious life in 2017 to write ornate music, to create a more brilliant record, tempered our development of the ultimate "soul"! Thank you for our support, always bearing in mind: "The sky will not fall, and strive to be a dream come true", "up and down with the desire to win, let us roll up the sleeves fuel dry", China Come on! Lifert Come on! Various departments to refuel! All teams come on! I wish for the dream of hard work and their family 2017 Rooster independent, wealth independence.

Let us full of confidence and look forward to meet with the New Year's bell!