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Recoil sewage backwash drainage reverse flushing water filt

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




 Recoil sewage backwash drainage reverse flushing water filter

P-type automatic sewage filter is made of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, the special structure of the stainless steel wedge filter screen, flow direction valve and sewage drain. In the working status, flow direction valve is on, the water flow from the inlet into the filter, through the filter screen to the outlet (see Figure 1). When the filter needs sewage, flow direction valve closed, open the drain valve, water flows through the first half of the mesh filter, part of the water flow into the system from the outlet, the remaining water flow from the backside of the filter into the inside, automatic backwash the filter screen (see Figure 2). So that the entire washing process is operating normally, without downtime. Flow direction valve opening mechanism include sub-manual and electric type, when using an electric opening mechanism with clock control electrical control box, it can set the time required to achieve automatic cleaning sewage, then the outfall installed electric ball valves, flow direction valve and sewage electric valve to achieve linkage.

Recoil sewage water filter Function and Application

Automatic backwash filter is widely used in a variety of water systems, process water systems and industrial cooling water systems, especially in online 24 hours system. It can remove all kinds of mechanical impurities in water, ensure safe and reliable operation of system. Our filter is the ideal alternative products, the indicators can reach the same level of imported filters.


Recoil sewage water filter Applications:

1. The domestic water supply, water supply and pre-filtering for industrial water supply;

2. steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automotive, food, metallurgy and other industries beginning circulating water filtration;

3. Fist stage of circulating cooling water filtration;

4. The water reuse, waste water treatment filter;

5. Central air conditioning, boiler return early filter;


6. Municipal, green spraying, irrigation, agricultural irrigation, drip irrigation water filter early.

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