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Oil and Gad Oil Filtration Sintered Mesh Filter

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




Hyadc oil filter----specifications
1. Filter rating: 3 to 200 µm
2.Filter materials: glass fibre, solid plastic, wire mesh, metal fleece, plain dutch weaves, water-absorbent material
3.Absolute or nominal filtration, depending on the filter material
4.Permissible differential pressures: 10, 25, 30 or 210 bar
5.Operating temperature: up to 100°C
6.Compatible with all conventional operating media
7.Without bypass valve (optionally with)
Hydac oil filter----Applications
In hydraulic,lubrication system,this kind of filter can be used to filtrate solid particles,colloidal substances and other pollutants in the working medium,in addition,they can effiectively control the pollution degrees of the working medium to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Hydac oil filter----Advantages
1.Greater system availablity from reliable filtration
2.Long element service life through highest dirt holding capacities
3.Higher operational dependablity through outstanding cleanliness classes
4.Reduced maintenance coststhrough long replacement intervals
5.Low disposal costs through weight reduction
6.Greater safety through high differential pressure stability
7.Lower price than original and the same specifications and fuction as origina
R - Return line elements
R elements are used in return inline filters, e.g. in the series RF, RFD, RFM, RFL, RFLD, RFM, NF, NFD.
Filter finenesses: 1 to 200 µm
Filter materials: glass fiber, solid plastic, wire mesh, paper, metal fleece, water-absorbent material
Absolute or nominal filtration, depending on the filter material
Permissible differential pressures: 20 bar
Operating temperature: up to 100°C
Compatible with all conventional operating media
With bypass valve (optionally without)
Our products through the following test:
ISO 2941 Collapse & Burst Resistant
ISO 2942 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 2943 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 3724 Flow Fatigue Characteristics
ISO 3968 Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
ISO 16889 Multi-pass Performance Testing

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