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Parker Lube Oil System Filter

New Model-Portable AC  PS ONE




PARKER Industrial Filter Replacement Parts 
Parker filter element:
1.Parker filter is a kind of filter element which is widely used in hydraulic system and lubrication system to filter out the metal particles and rubber impurities caused by wearing in the oil to guarantee the normal operation of the system. It is excellent Hydraulic Oil Filter.
2.For different accuracy requirements, there are coarse filter, ordinary filter, fine filter and superfine filter to ensure targeted and effective selection.
1. Material: HV fiberglass, Ahistrom filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh
2. Filter accuracy: from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …um
3. Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa
4. Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system
5. O-Ring: NBR, fluororubber

MXR9550 hydraulic oil filter element replacement for parker  others P/N:
140-Z-101A 170-L-1FFA 170-Z-220A 240-Z-201A
140-Z-101H 170-L-1FFH 170-Z-220H 240-Z-201H
140-Z-110A 170-L-201A 170-Z-222A 240-Z-210A
140-Z-110H 170-L-201H 170-Z-222H 240-Z-210H
140-Z-201A 170-L-205A 170-Z-223A 250-Z-101A
140-Z-201H 170-L-205H 170-Z-223H 250-Z-101H
140-Z-210A 170-L-210A 170-Z-2FFA 250-Z-105A
140-Z-210H 170-L-210H 170-Z-2FFH 250-Z-105H
150-Z-101A 170-L-220A 190-Z-140A 250-Z-110A
150-Z-101H 170-L-220H 190-Z-140H 250-Z-110H
150-Z-105A 170-L-222A 190-Z-175A 250-Z-2FFA
150-Z-105H 170-L-222H 190-Z-175H 250-Z-2FFH
150-Z-110A 170-L-223A 190-Z-240A 270-L-101A
150-Z-110H 170-L-223H 190-Z-240H 270-L-101H
150-Z-1FFA 170-L-2FFA 190-Z-275A 270-L-105A
150-Z-1FFH 170-L-2FFH 190-Z-275H 270-L-105H

Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd (Stock code:837936)is specialized in manufacture of filters ,filter equipment,and environment system . Located in Xinxiang City-the center of Filtration in China.Lefilter has superior R & D team, professional technical team,experienced overseas sales team and perfect after-sales service system.We Lefilter people will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements.The develop philosophy of LEFILTER is "To purify environment,To serve society,To manage faithfully and To oyrsye excellence"!What's more,there're advanced production line,test machine and R & D department.They also obtained certification like ISO9001, IQNet & CQM,SGS,CNEX etc.

Our products through the following test:
ISO 2941 Collapse & Burst Resistant
ISO 2942 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 2943 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 3724 Flow Fatigue Characteristics
ISO 3968 Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
ISO 16889 Multi-pass Performance Testing

1, Hydraulic Engineering Systems Industry;
2, Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Industry;
3, Construction, engineering machinery industry;
4, Machine Tool Industry;
5, Agricultural machinery industry;
6, Plastic machinery industry;
7, Petrochemical industry;
8, Ship and marine engineering equipment industry.
Why choose us?
1. Manufacturer, the best price for you...
2. OEM is accpted. We can manufacture the products according to your requirement. 
3. Free samples. We are honored to offer you samples, you just need to pay the freight.
4. Quality Guarantee: Our products are tested and checked one by one before shipment.  
5. Short delivery time: 2--10 working days (based on the quantity)
6. First-class service:
         Technical advisory for any time.
         Answer all your questions about the products patiently .        
         Provide you newest goods transport conditions until you receive the products. 
         If any quality problem , we will supply you the new replaced ones.

Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd
Address:Filter Industrial Zone,Beihuan Road,Muye District,Xinxiang City,Henan P.R.China
Attn :Kayla
International Mobile  :+86 18625907408
Headquarters Tel:+86-373-2638828

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