PPC-96-5 Box type pulse bag dust collector


One set of PPC-96-5 Box type pulse bag dust collector used for the aluminum plant .
ppc air box bag type dust collector

ppc air box  bag type dust collector is using separate dust cleaning in every chamber by isolation.
The every chamber of the pulse and soot cleaning cycle by soot cleaning program controller. So it can ensure the compressed air soot cleaning effect.
Air tank pulse bag filter has the filter bag number in 32, 64, 96, 128 bags per room. 
Air box pulse bag filter Used in the cement industry, crushing, packing, warehouse roof,clinker cooler and a variety of mill dust removal systems as well as the metallurgical,chemical, mechanical and civil boiler flue gas dust collection, pulse bag filter Combines the advantages of sub-room cleaning and pulse cleaning of various types of blowing dust.

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